Ashley High School Athletics

Vision Statement

Eugene Ashley High School

Our Vision

Eugene Ashley High School will be recognized as a premier school known for excellence in all that wedo: academic achievement, honor, and service.

Our Mission

The mission of Eugene Ashley High School is to instill in all students a drive for excellence through achievement, honor, and service.


Ashley Athletics


 The Mission of Ashley Athletics is to guide our student-athletes to become better people in both athletics and academics with the goal of enhancing their leadership and critical thinking skills.



Ashley Athletics will be recognized as a model program and as a source of campus and community pride and respect by inspiring every athlete to pursue excellence.

The athletics program at Ashley is comprised of 22 varsity sports, eleven men's, 11 women's and nine Jayvee teams. The Athletic Training Department offers the very best in care and prevention of athletically related injuries. The highly visible athletics program is committed to NCHSAA and NFHS compliance, strong academic standards, the quality of its staff, and maintaining a reputation for innovative and progressive athletic marketing strategies.


The Ashley Athletic Department will focus on the overall development of all persons participating in athletics. Ethical conduct and good sportsmanship will be strongly promoted among alumni and friends, athletics department staff and, most importantly, student-athletes. Ashley Athletics is committed to supporting the academic progress of student-athletes and the achievement of their educational objectives.