Ashley High School Athletics



The Ashley Homecoming Dance for 2014 is over and it was successful! 
Not only did the students have a good time but we were able to raise $2100! (Last year we raised $1400) for the Booster Club.
It took a lot of people to make this year as successful as it was and it never would have happened without these people:
Jeannine Hudson for decorations, food, drinks and bouncing ideas off of, couldn't have done it without her!
Jeannine Efting for providing PTA parent volunteers to help sell tickets in the cafeteria: Joanne White, Cheri Parker, Donna Johnson, Jennifer Golonka, Mary Beth King, Christina Fatum, Stephanie Luscher and Dawn Kabala.
Thanks also to students from Ashley Student Government and Ashley National Honor Society who helped decorate the cafeteria.
The Chaperon's the night of the dance: Rick and Marilynn Davis, the 2 Ashley Deputies from the New Hanover County Sheriffs office, Marilyn White, 2 Ashley Assistant Principals Collette Anderson and Stephanie Cole and BIG shout out to Neil Pearsall who not only chaperoned but also helped scrape Gummi Bears off the floor after the dance!
Huge shout out to Mr Corbett for all of his help and assistance before, during and after the dance. We promise no more Gummi Bears!
Big Thank you to Heather Stamm and Sherry Steveson for ticket sales the night of the dance as well as chaperoning.
Another HUGE shout out to the two managers of CVS (the one across from Halyburton and the one at Carolina Beach) Cherie Achanta and Richard White for  their contribution of water and Hershey Kisses!
Another shout out to Lisa Laverick and Joe Smith for their support and encouragement. 
And last but not least, another shout out to my wife Marilyn White, who not only chaperoned and helped out at the snack and drink area, but also gave valuable behind the scenes ideas and inspiration to keep everything going smoothly so we were able to have another successful year!
If I have forgotten anyone, I apologize.
We are already planning next years Dance, if anyone has ideas of thoughts, please let us know.
Thomas White
Ashley Homecoming Dance Chairman (2013-15)