Ashley High School Athletics



Girls Lacrosse

First team

A Heather Talton, Senior, Ashley: 54 assists with 44 goals; grabbed 23 ground balls; team's offensive MVP

M Peyton LeCompte, Senior, Ashley: Team-high 87 goals to go along with 46 assists; holds school record with 317 career goals; 45 ground balls; team MVP

D Penka Heusinkveld, Junior, Ashley: Multi-talented player who finished with 24 takeaways, 11 interceptions, 38 ground balls, 35 goals, 23 assists; team's defensive MVP

Second team

Defense: Felecity Havens, Ashley

Goalie: Miranda Thomas, Hoggard



Honors: Player of the Year–Julia Buehler, Hoggard; Coach of the Year–Megan Meixner, Jacksonville; Team Sportsmanship Award–Jacksonville.

First Team: Julia Buehler, Hoggard; Campbell Cooper, New Hanover; Taylar Herman, Hoggard; Lauren Holder, Rose; Peyton LeCompte, Ashley; Breda Lewis, Laney; Lilly McFadden, Topsail; Megan Muse, New Bern; Hailey Sanderson, Laney; Heather Talton, Ashley; Sofia Van Coutren, Rose; Lucy Watkins, New Hanover; Ashlee Willoughby, Hoggard; Caitlin Wolf, Jacksonville; Jean Zsadanyi, Topsail.

Second Team: Damaris Fankhauser, Jacksonville; Kristin Flynn, Hoggard; Kathryn Hamill, Rose; Penka Heusinkveld, Ashley; Natalie Kasdan, Ashley; Madeline Mathews, Topsail; Kinsey McGowan, Hoggard; Hayley Meier, Laney; Sam Morrow, Rose; Margaux Richardson, New Hanover; Sydney Tompkins, Topsail; Victoria Tronzo, Laney; Elizabeth Warren, New Hanover.

Honorable Mention: Ashley: Felecity Havens; Hoggard: Hyla Zouzias; Jacksonville: Reina Kinnaly; Laney: Rachel Smith; New Hanover: Helen Xiao; Rose: Maggie White; Topsail: Maddie Devries.

Boys Lacrosse

First team

G Zac Tilley, Junior, Ashley: Posted 155 saves on 218 shots faced for a .711 save percentage.

Second team

Forwards: Owen Finnegan, Ashley; Michael Colella, Ashley

Defense: Connor Snow, Ashley 

Honorable mention

New Hanover–Kashon Bragg, Jere Freeman. Hoggard–Gunner Phillips, Aaron Biermann. Topsail–Chase Poella. Cape Fear Academy–Connor Paul. Ashley–Colton Blackman, Greg Mayer, Ryan Powell.

All-Mideastern Conference

Honors: Player of the Year–Nate Hill, Hoggard; Coach of the Year–Joe McCaul, New Hanover; Team Sportsmanship Award–South Brunswick.

First Team: GK–Trenton Novelli, Hoggard; Zac Tilley, Ashley. LSM– Evan Hill, Laney. D–Nate Hill, Hoggard; Daniel Baars, Hoggard; John Hadel, Laney. M–Trevor Brown, Hoggard; Patrick Marks, Hoggard; Josh Adams, New Hanover. A–Luke Frankeny, Hoggard; Quinn McCaul, Laney; Aidan Walker, New Hanover.

Second Team: LSM–Gene Beckwith, Hoggard; D–Graham Taylor, Topsail; Zak Gowdy, Hoggard; Connor Snow, Ashley. M–Colton Blackman, Ashley; Kyle Pucci, Laney; Eddie Albrect, Laney. A–Dylan Morton, Hoggard; Owen Finnegan, Ashley; Johs Schutt, Laney.

Honorable Mention: Ashley–Mike Colella, Greg Mayer, Andrew Lee; Hoggard–Aaron Biermann; New Hanover–John Evans, Chase Younts, Jere Freeman, Keegan Santos, Kashon Bragg; Topsail–Chase Popella, Riski Muhammed, Jerry Morgan.


First Team

IF Shane Shepard, Senior, Ashley: .424 average with a .626 on-base percentage; drew 28 walks with 25 hits.

Second Team

Catcher: Cully Crott, Ashley

Outfielders: Dakota Perryman, Ashley

Honorable mention

Ashley–William Noxon, Donovan Francis.

All-Conference Teams

Mideastern Conference

Honors: Player Of The Year–Tyree Johnson, New Hanover. Coach Of The Year–Mike Alderson, West Brunswick. Team Sportsmanship Award–South Brunswick.

First team: Cully Crott, Ashley; Shane Shepard, Ashley; Patrick Hargrove, Hoggard; Brandon Boone, Hoggard; Jonathan Keubler, Laney; Ward Coleman, New Hanover; Tyree Johnson, New Hanover; Trent Hansley, Topsail; Chandler Taylor, New Hanover .

Second Team: Connor Simpson, Hoggard; Jake Cicero, Laney; Cory Everett, New Hanover; Eric Hill, West Brunswick; William Noxon, Ashley; Dan Beasley, Hoggard; Clark Cota, Topsail; Danny Wilson, Topsail; Matt Wallace, West Brunswick.

Honorable Mention: Ashley: Dakota Perryman, Evan Laverick, Kameron Johnson, Donovan Francis. Hoggard: Coy Wolfe. New Hanover: Trey Croom. South Brunswick: Dustin Jones, Will Jones. Topsail: Trader Flora.

Boys Tennis

Second team

Ethan Tello, Ashley 

All-Conference Teams

Mideastern Conference

Honors: Player of the Year–Chase Horton, Hoggard; Coach of the Year–Michael Bowen, Hoggard; Team Sportsmanship Award–West Brunswick.

First Team: Chase Horton, Hoggard; Noah Milliken, Hoggard; Patrick Ryder, Laney; Jack Sandlin, New Hanover; Marshall Waren, New Hanover; Noah Pieper, South Brunswick.

Second Team: Ethan Tello, Ashley; Patrick Senior, New Hanover; Taylor Gaines, New Hanover; Shane McDonough, Laney; Evan Linett, Hoggard; Caleb Stanley, South Brunswick.

Third Team: Matt Jenson, Hoggard; Zack Taffer, Laney; Tyler Micallef, West Brunswick; Patrick Hayes, Topsail; Robert Penn, Ashley; Jarrett Walls, South Brunswick.

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