Ashley High School Athletics



All Area Spring Athletes


Taylor Carter, All Area Player of the Year

Taylor Carter’s greatest enemy was always close by. The Ashley High School softball player heard the chatter and doubts all the time. 

Overthinking was always a problem for Carter. Until she decided it wasn’t going to a problem anymore. 

“Every time I play, I’m always in my head saying, ‘You’ve got to do better. You’ve got to do this better,’ that kind of thing,” Carter said. “I finally just went in and said, ‘You know what? I’m just going to have fun. I’m going up to the plate and I’m going to get on base because I want to get on base.’”

She had fun all right. Fun to the tune of a .549 batting average. 

First team

IF Schae Dickson, Junior, Ashley: Batted .397 with 29 hits, 31 RBI, eight doubles and 19 walks; finished with .971 fielding percentage; First-team all-Mideastern Conference.

OF Taylor Carter, Senior, Ashley (Player of the Year): District-leading .549 batting average; 17-for-17 on stolen bases; Mideastern Conference  MVP; NCSCA Class 4A District MVP.

Second team

Pitchers: Robyn Kerr, Ashley

Honorable mention

Ashley–Bailey Williams, Jordan Floyd.


Mideastern Conference

Honors: Player of the Year–Taylor Carter, Ashley. Coaches Of The Year–Chip Adams, Ashley & Jim Fisk, Laney. Team Sportsmanship Award–New Hanover.

First Team: Taylor Carter, Ashley; Schae Dickson, Ashley; Aleah Thompson, Hoggard; Shelby Cook, Laney; Charlene Thompson, Laney; Alex Simmons, New Hanover; Keri White, Topsail; Nicole Phillips, West Brunswick; Caroline Gore, West Brunswick.

Second Team: Bailey Williams, Ashley; Robyn Kerr, Ashley; Brianna Anderson, Hoggard; Griffin Coxs, Laney; Becca Montgomery, Laney; Hayley Grizzle, Topsail; Hunter Bizzell, Topsail; Haley Long, West Brunswick; Leilani Emile, West Brunswick; Maddie Emmns, West Brunswick.

Honorable Mention: Ashley–Jordan Floyd, Lauren Brooks

Girls Soccer

First team

F Charlotte Pearsall, Senior, Ashley: Screaming Eagles co-captain scored school-record 24 goals and 67 for career; NCSCA all-region team; East Carolina signee.


Mideastern Conference

Honors: Player of the Year–Kiera Wooding, Hoggard; Coach of the Year–Justin Schatz, Hoggard; Team Sportsmanship Award–West Brunswick.

First Team: Cassidy Stephenson, Hoggard; Rebecca Fouler, Hoggard; Sayres McKenna, Hoggard; Bailey Edwards, Laney; Lily Herring, New Hanover; Carla Zio, West Brunswick; Charlotte Pearsall, Ashley; Kiera Wooding, Hoggard; Alexa Frankeny, Hoggard; Anna Rae Porcelli, Laney; L.B. Shapiro, New Hanover.

Second Team: Olivia Bowers, South Brunswick; Caroline Pevonka, Hoggard; Lindsey Hyde, Laney; Meredith Criner, New Hanover; Catherine Lipps, New Hanover; Emma Haywood, Hoggard; Vivian Fernandez, New Hanover; Sarah Miller, New Hanover; Lexi Gilley, Topsail; Lauren Mumford, New Hanover; Blakeney Blair, Topsail.

Honorable Mention: Ashley: Morgan Carpenter, Tess Cairney, Erica Buchanan, Carly Higgins; Hoggard: Tara Potea; Laney: Briley Eason, Arianna Brown, Alex Butorovich, Lexi Little; New Hanover: Lela King; South Brunswick: Nicole Minnix, Amanda Goelz, Sarah Costa; Topsail: Brooke Reece; West Brunswick: Meg Fletcher, Claire McNeil.